Customedica Pharmacy Goes Above and Beyond State Requirements

Customedica Pharmacy Goes Above and Beyond State Requirements

From the moment you walk in the doors at Customedica Pharmacy you can feel the difference from your typical drugstore pharmacy. Our goal is to merge old-fashion hometown customer service with a contemporary and technologically advanced practice. We don’t believe you should wait in line, or even tell us your name before you pick up your prescription. We strive to provide a private, welcoming, and accommodating atmosphere for all of your prescription needs.

Customedica goes above and beyond state requirements in several aspects of their operations. Customedica sends samples of finished products to a third party independent lab for validation. All chemicals and weights of chemicals that are used in compounded medications are electronically confirmed for accuracy. There is rigorous employee training and process validation to ensure accurate and consistent products. In addition, mechanically engineered equipment, such as the contamination hood, is used to reduce contamination of products and to ensure the safety of employees and patients.

Patrons of Customedica Pharmacy can also see their medications being produced in house. In the lobby there are large glass windows that customers are invited to watch the pharmacy technicians creating compounded creams, lotions, sublingual drops, capsules, etc.

mixCustomedica Pharmacy makes every effort to set ourselves apart from other pharmacies. The store was specifically designed with an all glass front so that our Pharmacists, who strive to know every person by name, can recognize patients before they even come through the door. By knowing our patients we can start preparing your prescription at the counter to streamline your wait time. In addition, when you come through the door we will greet you because we are happy to see you and we care about each individual we help.

When you have questions or prefer to talk to a pharmacist one-on-one about personal subjects, such as hormone therapy replacement, we provide a clean and private consultation room to discuss your health care needs. We strive to provide an accommodating and welcoming environment in all aspects which is evident when you walk through our doors. Feel free to stop by and see for yourself the high standards of quality set by the Customedica Pharmacy staff and watch the technicians at work.

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