Getting to Know Patients Gives Pharmacy Technician Jessica Purpose

Getting to Know Patients Gives Pharmacy Technician Jessica Purpose

It’s only been five months since Customedica’s newest addition to the pharmacy technician family but Jessica has already been embraced into the community. She has always been surrounded by family members how have worked in the health field; both of her sister-in-laws and several cousins are nurses while her sister is applying for medical school.

Most of her life Jessica has been encircled by loved ones in scrubs and she now gets to dress the comfy garb when she’s not attending school at the College of Western Idaho majoring in Marketing. Jessica plans to complete her Associate’s degree this year then continue her education at Boise State to attain a Bachelor’s degree.

Like several pharmacy technicians at Customedica, Jessica was introduced to Customedica Pharmacy through pharmacy technician Bryden.

When Jessica started at Customedica she was “scared to death” starting in a new position, but her fears quickly subsided.

“I had never done anything with insurance before or medication so I was definitely scared,” said Jessica. “Once I started working here even though I knew nothing. I literally knew nothing. You can ask Leah, I was attached to her. Everyone was so nice and super friendly and everybody helped me. I didn’t even have to ask for help and I had five people helping me at one time. I sort of fell in love with my job within a day.”

Not only do the other pharmacy technicians help each other but the pharmacists also offer their time to help technicians.

“The pharmacists are so helpful. They are the nicest people to work for,” said Jessica. It’s crazy how understanding they are and how they spend so much of their time just trying to accommodate us. Asking if they can help us with anything or count something for us, or if we need a break or a day off.”

“It’s weird because you would think that usually you are trying to help them but they are always trying to help us. I think it’s really cool that they are trying to work with us and not just the hierarchy. I like that they like helping us,” said Jessica.

The staff’s willingness to help each other does not remain behind the counter. Their caring and compassion extends to their patients as well.

“A lot of people come in, but it’s awesome because it feels like a small town environment since everybody knows everybody. Shah [Pharmacist and Owner of Customedica Pharmacy] makes it a point to know things about people’s lives. I love that we get to know so many different people even if we only get to see them once a month,” said Jessica.

Customedica Pharmacy staff get to know those who visit and fill their prescriptions because they truly care about their patients but also because it strengthens their purpose.

“It’s nice to know that you are giving people their medications that keep them healthy and keep them going, but it’s even better to know the reasons why you are helping people like that have a family and they want to be healthy for their family. It’s rewarding to know their purpose which makes it your purpose to want to work for them and with them,” said Jessica.

Eventually Jessica would like to learn how to do the compounding and become clean room certified.

“I’m planning on being here a while. I love it,” said Jessica. “Now that I’ve been here I’ve thought this could be more of a career and I could continue to excel here.”

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