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Please Note: Family members can be linked to your profile, however each adult over 18 years old must fill out the HIPAA access form by clicking here in order to be linked to your account.
Three ways to refill your medication(s) online!

1.  Refill by last name and Rx Number (no account required):

  • Click the link above to access our secure refill site
  • On the new page, fill in the information on the left column

2.  Refill by setting up an account (recommended)

  • Access to your (and family members) entire prescription profile
  • Ability to select your prescription to send for online refill
  • Medication monographs (general information, common side effects, directions,pictures of your medication)
  • Prescription history and reports for tax purposes
  • Click on the link to access the secure refill site
  • Follow directions to set up account (located on the right side of this page)

3.  Use your smartphone

Smartphone features include:

  • Ability to refill by scanning the barcode on your bottle with your phone
  • Refill by number
  • Also requires account set-up
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