Customedica can take care of all the members of your family, including your pets. We take the health of your dog, cat, bird, ferret, horse, or even lizard very seriously.

Veterinary medicine often faces its own challenges, such as unavailable products, unique doses, and difficult administration.

At Customedica we can customize your pet’s medication in such a way to alleviate many of these difficulties. We can prepare drugs that are no longer available by large manufacturers, create animal-specific doses, and create pet-friendly dosage forms. We can flavor any medication so your pet will love it. We even have flavors that exotic birds and reptiles will enjoy.

Come in and talk to us about options for your pet’s medications. You may find that it’s easier to rub a cream into your cat’s ear than to have it swallow a capsule!
Pet Specific Flavors


Fish (Cod or Tuna)


Grilled Chicken

Peanut Butter

Pet Dosage Forms

Topical Gels

Dog Chews

Capsules (various sizes)

Suspensions (oil or water based)

Eye / Ear drops